Bootcamp Diary VI: Sebastião

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I’m Sebastião from Lisbon, Portugal! Working in insurance made me realize how much valuable information is hidden in vast amounts of data. I aspire to make it visible.

What was your favorite part of the week?

I think we all ended this week relieved. We completed our first exploratory data analysis (EDA) evaluation in our final math and stats exam. This gave us the opportunity to apply what we’d learned to a big data set and draw our first conclusions.

What was the most challenging part of your week?

Undoubtedly also the math and stats exam. I think I can also speak for the other bootcampers on this one.

Has anything funny or comical happened during the bootcamp this week?

A quote from one of our instructors this week was so amusing that I had to take note of it: “I consider knowledge of mine anything that I can say after a 10-second online search” Wise words, I would say.

What is the most practical skill that you’ve learned thus far in the bootcamp?

I joined the bootcamp with some experience in R, but now I’m working on conquering Python as well.

What do you like to do when you’re not in class? 

It has been so long since I have seen daylight that I actually don’t remember. Don’t worry, this is a joke! I love Madrid’s food scene, nightlife, and time spent with my fellow bootcampers outside of the classroom.

What do you predict will happen in the remaining weeks of the bootcamp?

I assume we’ll all be completely consumed by our capstone projects. This will be a cool opportunity to work with real data to solve real business challenges. I look forward to presenting my work on the Demo Day on June 28th!


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