Of Data Science and Dancing | Bootcamp Diary by Nataliia Hrytsyna

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It is my sixth week of my Data Science Bootcamp experience, and seven weeks have gone by since I first stepped foot in Spain and moved to Madrid. Only now, when writing this blog, am I starting to realize how quickly time is flying by!

My name is Nataliia (yes, with two i’s) and I’m from Ukraine, but for the last couple of years I’ve been living in Poland. I always thought I was going to be a professional dancer, but then I graduated with a degree in journalism and learned how to code in the meantime. Now I’m working as a software engineer and part-time dance teacher. So yes, no one was surprised with my decision to become a data scientist, taking into account my passion for career changes.

I’m doing a part-time Data Science Bootcamp, which means balancing a full-time job with IE classes, dance training and, of course, the Spanish lifestyle (my classmates have been very helpful with this). Even with my programming background, which helped me to enjoy my Python course, I find the Bootcamp’s pace to be quite fast. I may know how to code, but never in my life have I explored statistics at the level we’re studying now. I’m sure almost everyone in the class has this feeling of not being smart enough from time to time, but then I remind myself of the knowledge we had just over a month ago and compare it to what we have now. And then I understand that I’m actually doing quite well, because my data science skills are improving much faster than my Spanish.

Apart from technical skills, in this program I’m learning how to use my energy—both physical and mental—effectively. I’m also learning how to not lose motivation, how to adapt to a new and different country, and how to still enjoy life. And those are not the only things I love about the Bootcamp.

I was amazed at the level of diversity we have in our class. Half of the students are women, which is every IT company’s dream. I’ve met some amazing people from Peru, Morocco, Portugal and Spain. On the first day of the program I met a girl who is now my roommate. And what’s more, I received a call from IE with their decision to give me a scholarship for the Bootcamp on my 21st birthday—so it had to be a good decision!


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