Demystify your Data with Tableau Data Visualization Software

Demystify your Data with Tableau Data Visualization Software
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Have you ever been tasked with communicating your data findings to teammates, stakeholders, or to the public? Visualizing data is a pivotal component of a modern communication toolkit. However, it has been mysterious and intimidating to many-until now.


Demystify Your Data

Defining data can appear daunting quickly—but with Tableau data visualization software, it’s more feasible than ever. Tableau helps its users find ways to enhance their existing networks, adapting to changing patterns of demands, and managing customer engagement, with the goal of predicting which strategies for growth would be the most profitable. As consumers’ expectations of datasets gradually increase, a working knowledge of Tableau can give its users the competitive edge necessary to stand out in the contemporary communications field.


Use the Data to tell stories

Tableau gives its users the ability to simplify the raw data into stories with sleek visuals that can be conveyed and understood in layman’s terms, effectively bridging the divide that exists between data scientists and the public. User-friendly and not requiring programming expertise, any user with access to data can utilize Tableau to derive value from the data.

Users of Tableau will be able to discover key viewer and user insights quickly across all their data so that they can thrive in the constantly fluctuating communications, marketing, and media landscapes.


The stories that Tableau visuals tell can include evaluations of the successes of campaigns, programming decisions that yield results, and finding out who engages with content, under what circumstances, and why. By using Tableau, users will always be interacting with the most recent datasets so that users can adapt their enterprises to continually changing conditions as they arise.


Adapt your toolkit to an increasingly Data-driven landscape

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) in 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of data as in 2011 and 75 times the number of information sources. This continuous growth in data generation will create abundant opportunities for anyone who can extract and communicate the fundamental messages that the data relays. Tableau software aids its users in demystifying data science and making findings approachable to ordinary people. In this way, Tableau can help business owners and other stakeholders make decisions at a more accelerated rate as there is less time lost to confusion and clarification. Knowledge of Tableau can supplement and enhance the skills that participants in the IE Data Science Bootcamp acquire during the ten-week program.


Students will walk away from this immersive learning experience with literacy in programming with R, Python and SQL as well as the data visualization tools ggplot2, seaborn, and matplotlib. However, Tableau is not part of the Bootcamp curriculum. With these tools, in addition to the data provided by our corporate partners, our Bootcampers position themselves as the future leaders in the data science field.

Eager for more about Data Science?

To learn more about the IE Data Science Bootcamp, download your copy of our one-pager here. And, if you’re ready to apply for our next intake, get started on your application.

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