The Second Intake of the IE Data Science Bootcamp has Begun!

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An eagerly anticipated instance of Exponential Learning

Friday, April 13th marked an eagerly anticipated event: the beginning of the second intake of the IE Data Science Bootcamp! The excitement and optimism of our new bootcampers gave way to a vibrant atmosphere in the room that afternoon.

A diverse group

Our latest group of Bootcampers hail from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. They have now started their immersive 11-week journey to explore data science, ready to fill the highly demanded jobs of today and the future.We are proud to have an even representation of men and women enrolled in this program, which is an accurate reflection of the efforts of IE to achieve gender equality.

In addition to being culturally diverse, our bootcampers bring to the table professional experience from a variety of fields including telecommunications, banking, healthcare policy-making, and IT services, among others. While these areas appear seemingly disconnected they have one thing in common; the implementation of data science will revolutionize them all!

As the new students gathered in the Data Lab they were greeted by Teresa Martin-Retortillo, Executive President of IE Exponential Learning, who addressed the bootcampers emphasizing the values of ieXL which include the philosophy that shapes lifelong learning.

After Teresa’s remarks, the bootcampers were addressed by program Director Ivan Martin-Maseda who gave insights as to what the bootcampers can expect from their intensive 11-week learning experience.

The bootcampers were later joined by the Bootcamp team in a group dinner before parting ways to rest in anticipation of the full immersion programmed for 9 am the next morning.

Follow their journey as it unfolds

Stay tuned and take a closer look at life as a Bootcamper! Be sure to follow IE Exponential Learning on social media, where you’ll be getting the latest scoop from us and the Bootcampers themselves as their journey unfolds:

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