10 April 2019
data science

A Roller Coaster Ride With Data Science | by Mel Marques Fernandes

These first weeks of IE Data Science Bootcamp have been like a roller coaster ride. On the first days, everyone was very happy introducing themselves, getting […]
8 April 2019
data science bootcamp diary

Data-driven Brain Teasers | by Konrad Eilers

Hi everyone! My name is Konrad, and I have a background in economics. While working as an investment banker, I encountered various FinTech companies that employ […]
19 March 2019
Data Science in Politics

Data Science in Politics

Is there a dark side to data? As much as we laud the potential that Big Data and Data Science can give us, there is indeed […]
16 November 2017
Evolutionary Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Evolutionary Feature Selection in Machine Learning

By Pablo Villacorta Iglesias When we want to fit a Machine Learning (ML) model to a big dataset, it is often recommended to pre-process the input […]