17 December 2018
machine learning

Machine Learning has become the field I want to excel at by Quentin Bracq

Hello I am Quentin from France and for the past 8 years I have accumulated experiences in selling technical solutions to companies in diverse industries: Telecommunication, […]
14 December 2018

Machine Learning is changing the problem-solving dynamics of the Hospitality Industry by Fernando Acevedo

My name is Fernando Acevedo and I am from Madrid, Spain. My background is in Hospitality & Tourism. For the past two years I have been […]
7 December 2018
Data Science _ Machine Learning

Bootcamp Diary XVII: Thousand Lines of Code in R, Python and Machine Learning by Remzi Mustafa

Hey, I am Remzi, a Romanian living and working in Kraków (Poland) and a bootcamper excited to learn about Data Science. It was the 25th of […]
2 November 2018
machine learning

From product and ops analytics to machine learning projects by Tania Vasilikioti

Learning here is like drinking from a firehose. Hi, I’m Tania and I come from the world of operations and data analytics for online tech. After […]
5 December 2017
Bootcamp Diary VIII: Sara Rodríguez López

Bootcamp Diary VIII

Meet Sara My name is Sara Rodríguez, and I was born in Madrid 27 years ago. I studied a Master’s (MSc) in Telecommunications. I have had […]
16 November 2017
Evolutionary Feature Selection in Machine Learning

Evolutionary Feature Selection in Machine Learning

By Pablo Villacorta Iglesias When we want to fit a Machine Learning (ML) model to a big dataset, it is often recommended to pre-process the input […]