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Learning has become imperative for professionals at all stages of their career, no matter where they find themselves. As the world moves even faster, and there is an incessant need to upgrade one’s skills, that’s where HiOPs (High-Impact Online Programs), one of the pillars of IE Exponential Learning, come in. These programs are designed to combine the flexibility that online education allows with the same academic rigor and quality of any face-to-face program offered at IE, typically lasting 5 weeks and demanding 6 hours of dedication a week.

Each HiOP shares some (and even more) common traits:

  • A participative and collaborative learning methodology that gives you more camaraderie with your peers than in other online programs
  • A mixture of activities you can complete when it best fits your schedule and opportunities for simultaneous sessions with professors and classmates
  • Real interaction with professors in different points of the program where you have the chance to ask questions, participate in discussions and debates and be part of interviews with experts
  • A practical approach that will allow you to put the knowledge gained during each part of the program into practice


Why high-impact?

The high impact in these programs comes from the way we’ve designed them. High-quality videos are an essential feature of our pedagogical approach, along with our use of analytics to ensure that everybody is following the program while maximizing the learning outcome. Based on the use of technology, HiOPs have an extensive amount of contact with your fellow learners. Many HiOPs have group work components; you will have access to live sessions and office hours with faculty and get any feedback you desire from fellow students and faculty in our online forums.

What do they cover?

While we have more HiOPs in the pipeline, our upcoming programs include Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy (both in English and Spanish), Leading Innovation, and Startup to Scale Up: A Program On What To Do Once The Company Starts to Grow. All these courses begin this fall, along with more in development that we’ll launch later this year.

The HiOP Advantage

As the HiOPs offering grows, the projected family of courses will give learners the flexibility and personalization of their learning experience the way they choose. What can start out as one five-week program can build into an online learning experience that lets knowledge acquisition be as seamless and flexible as the business world always changing around us.


What you’ll see from HiOPs on the blog

On the blog, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what you’ll see as part of your HiOP programs and see how the concepts you’ll learn in the course get used every day in the business world. You’ll also get guest content from HiOP professors to provide even more context to what you’ll be learning with your classmates.

To always stay up to date on what’s new, be sure to subscribe to the blog, so you’ll be up-to-date with lifelong learning from HiOPs and IE Exponential Learning with updates to your inbox.

Martín Rodríguez Jugo

Director of High Impact Online Programs


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