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24 May 2019

Top 5 trends in Global Management: Taking your leadership to the next level

What makes a good manager? This question gets asked so much you might think the answer is beyond our reach. But at some point in our […]
24 May 2019

Bystander or architect: Are you prepared to deal with the age of disruption?

A new Renaissance, a fourth Industrial Revolution… however you call it, the fragmentation that’s marked the early 21st century stands in stark contrast to the 20th […]
22 May 2019

Data Science for the Curious | by Ana Calona

Hello, world! It’s one of the most basic programming exercises you will learn, but it’s also my way of welcoming you to week 7 of this […]
21 May 2019
Transformación digital en España

Transformación digital en España

A día de hoy, la digitalización se ha convertido en un elemento omnipresente en nuestra vida personal y profesional. En el mundo empresarial, muchos expertos consideran […]
20 May 2019
Pain points at scaling: Lessons from Uber

Pain points at scaling: lessons from Uber

Just a couple of years ago, months of turmoil at Uber culminated in investors taking a bold step: requesting that Co-Founder and CEO at the time […]
14 May 2019

Data Science: From Theory to Practice | by Andrej

We are now more or less half way through the course and the pace has really picked up. We started off our machine learning classes in […]
14 May 2019
data science rui moreira

Making the Odds be Always in our Favor, with Data Science | by Rui Moreira

Hey! This is Rui writing you from Madrid, a portuguese mechanical engineer specialized in automation and an enthusiast of industrial innovation. Within this 4rd industrial revolution […]
8 May 2019
digitalizacion de las pymes

La digitalización de las pymes: ¿desafío u oportunidad?

La digitalización de las pymes: ¿desafío u oportunidad? La creciente digitalización a nivel global está produciendo cambios significativos en todos los ámbitos y su carácter exponencial […]
3 May 2019

Exponential training in all aspects | by María Nieves Merino Cantera

Hi, my name is Nieves. I’m a computer engineer and I want to take the next step in my professional journey. So, I decided to participate […]
30 April 2019


My name is Argenis. I am originally from Venezuela, but I have been living in Chile since January 2016. My experience has been centered around strategy […]
10 April 2019
data science

A Roller Coaster Ride With Data Science | by Mel Marques Fernandes

These first weeks of IE Data Science Bootcamp have been like a roller coaster ride. On the first days, everyone was very happy introducing themselves, getting […]
8 April 2019
data science bootcamp diary

Data-driven Brain Teasers | by Konrad Eilers

Hi everyone! My name is Konrad, and I have a background in economics. While working as an investment banker, I encountered various FinTech companies that employ […]