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2 November 2018
machine learning

From product and ops analytics to machine learning projects by Tania Vasilikioti

Learning here is like drinking from a firehose. Hi, I’m Tania and I come from the world of operations and data analytics for online tech. After […]
29 October 2018

Bootcamp Diary XII: Andrea Martinez

My name is Andrea, I am from Ecuador. I studied Telecommunication engineering and in some classes I was the only woman there. That was the norm […]
25 October 2018

Bootcamp diary XI: Jorge Zeller

Another week has gone by and the amount of knowledge we acquire is astounding. My name is Jorge Zeller, and I have worked in finance for […]
22 October 2018
Data Science

The concepts of Data Science right from basics to actual coding by Vishrut Solanki

Hey, I want to learn to write algorithms for data science but I don’t know where to start? I want to enter the world of data […]
18 October 2018
Read Up to Scale Up

Read Up to Scale Up: Joe Haslam’s Essential Reading List

Reading is fundamental In a Forbes article, Brent Beshore, founder of adventu.res and business angel, started his guide to reading and learning for entrepreneurs with this […]
15 October 2018
R coding

R coding and Python by Inna Saboshchuk

After just two weeks, I feel like I understand the code and am capable of solving complex problems. In our R coding class we have already covered […]
2 October 2018
¿Es útil medir el número de veces que se comparte un contenido en las redes sociales?

¿Es útil medir el número de veces que se comparte un contenido en las redes sociales?

Antes de poner en práctica cualquier iniciativa de marketing digital, es necesario asegurarse de que los objetivos que se pretenden alcanzar sean objetivos SMART. SMART es […]
14 September 2018

Nectome and the innovative commercial opportunities for brain preservation

Nectome is an ambitious startup claiming to have perfected “mind-uploading” technology. Their website raises an enticing question “What if we told you we could back up […]
1 September 2018
Por qué es imprescindible conocer la experiencia del cliente

¿Por qué es imprescindible conocer la experiencia del cliente?

Lo consumidores actuales son cada vez más sofisticados y, por esta razón la autenticidad es cada vez más una necesidad, en lugar de ser simplemente una […]
16 July 2018

Madrid’s Data-Driven Business Sector

Data Scientists in Spain are in high demand by employers, living up to the declaration that it is the sexiest profession of the decade. Madrid has […]
16 July 2018

Testimonials from the IE Data Science Bootcampers

Are you curious to hear what our Data Science Bootcampers from the first and second cohorts have to say about their immersive experiences with us? These […]
5 July 2018

Employability Trends in Data Science

As more data is generated by users, the demand for capable data scientists is increasing within companies of all sizes! However, there is a noticeable vacuum […]