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3 October 2017

HiOP 101: Familias Empresarias: Cómo crear valor a lo largo de generaciones

Familias Empresarias en pocas palabras La complejidad de los entornos actuales ha dejado obsoletos el concepto de empresa familiar y el objetivo de la familia de […]
27 September 2017
HiOP 101: Leading Innovation

HiOP 101: Innovation for Growth

Innovation for Growth in a nutshell Innovation for Growth is a learning experience designed for navigating the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) environment in today’s globalized […]
13 September 2017

Welcome to the world of HiOPs

Learning has become imperative for professionals at all stages of their career, no matter where they find themselves. As the world moves even faster, and there […]
13 September 2017

Welcome to a blog of lifelong learning

It is a pleasure to introduce myself and share with those of you interested my thoughts on the importance of learning regardless of age, gender or […]