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13 September 2021


Hi all, My name is Pablo Benitez. I’m from Madrid, Spain. Since I finished my degree as an electrical engineer, I have spent a couple of […]
19 July 2021


Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, I describe myself as hardworking, goal-oriented, and persistent. In 2016 right after finishing my bachelor’s degree in economics, I […]
16 June 2021

A Unique Experience | Bootcamp Diary by Manu Azaña

My name is Manuel Azaña. I am an associate consultant at GLR Partners, a Valencian consulting firm specializing in branding, strategic management, human resources and go-to-market […]
16 June 2021

“Vas a aprender, pero será intenso” | Bootcamp Diary by José Casado

Esta fue la frase que me dijo Iván Martín, director del Data Science Bootcamp, antes de que me decidiera a realizar el programa. En lugar de […]
16 June 2021

A life-changing Bootcamp | Bootcamp Diary by Manuela García

Before starting the Data Science Bootcamp, each student had a different idea about what it would be like and how it was going to impact their […]
16 June 2021

What a Great Experience! | Bootcamp Diary by Federico Fritzsch

What a great experience! This has only just begun—it’s been practically three weeks and the intensity is increasing, but I’m sure that once we overcome this […]
16 June 2021

Challenge myself in challenging times | Bootcamp Diary by Joao Silva

Dear readers, Before I start to describe my Bootcamp, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is João. I’m 25 and I’m from Portugal. My background […]
27 May 2021

An Intense Experience | Bootcamp Diary by Alejandra Gea

My name is Alejandra Gea. I am originally from Madrid, Spain, but when I was only four years old my family and I moved to Basel, […]
10 May 2021

Una Experiencia Extraordinaria | Bootcamp Diary by Lisandra Velasco Nivar

Nos encontramos en la semana 12 del Data Science Bootcamp y estoy disfrutando de las clases más que nunca. Las primeras semanas fueron mucho más intensas porque recibimos […]
22 March 2021

El Valor de los Datos | Bootcamp Diary by Andrés López Pérez

“¡Quiero todos los todoterrenos con 3 filas de asientos!” Esta frase despertó en mí la necesidad de educar sobre la toma de decisiones basadas en datos. […]
22 March 2021

Reskilling For a New Work Context | Bootcamp Diary by Alvar Gonzalo Ramirez Blanco

My name is Gonzalo and I have been part of the 2020 IE Exponential Learning Data Science Bootcamp. It was an extraordinary edition, which I would […]
10 March 2021

IE Data Science Bootcamp: Un buen reto | Bootcamp Diary by Ana Alonso Lage

Durante los cinco años que llevo de trayectoria profesional, tanto en el sector energético como en el del retail, me he dado cuenta de la importancia del […]