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21 April 2020

Why Corporates should pay careful attention to SDG #17

Author: Leticia Álvarez Alonso, Consultant on Corporate Impact Assessment through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the driving forces that will shape the […]
3 April 2020

Corporate leaders, rise to the challenge | by Concepción Galdón, PhD

Corporate leaders, rise to the challenge: Do the right thing by society and by business Author: Concepción Galdón PhD., IE Sustainable Impact Teaching and Research Lead/Director […]
24 February 2020

Encuentra tu voz | Ana Ormaechea

Definir la personalidad sonora de una marca, aspecto clave en la gestión de las nuevas estrategias de comunicación Estoy segura de que si escuchamos con los […]
24 February 2020

Turning Disruption into Dominance: How to harness innovation for growth

Uncertainty endures in the cut-throat world of business, making innovation more important than ever. Globalization and technological advancements continue to confront companies with as many challenges […]
24 February 2020
design thinking

Hype or hero: Is design thinking the answer to your business woes?

All companies come up against obstacles. Today’s competitive global markets, fast-changing technological landscape and increased public demand for transparency pose challenges for businesses of all shapes […]
24 February 2020
vuca - modern leaders

Living in a VUCA world: How modern leaders are evolving to navigate disruption

In today’s interconnected world, the business landscape is shaped by a variety of shifting forces. Whether it’s geopolitical issues like Brexit or technological advancements such as […]
13 February 2020

Tecnología Conversacional para una Comunicación más Humana | Susana Durán

Es indudable que la comunicación es el alma mater de un Dircom. Comunicando transmitimos mensajes explícitos, pero en ese proceso también transmitimos otros muchos aspectos implícitos: […]
28 January 2020

Universo del Lujo: las nuevas claves de un sector en constante crecimiento

El sector del lujo ha experimentado un crecimiento significativo en los últimos años, propiciado en parte por la demanda de productos y servicios diferenciados. Al mismo […]
28 January 2020

3 essential strategies for a successful scale-up

Getting ready to scale up your business can be both exciting and incredibly daunting. Once a successful company starts to scale, it can take on a […]
21 January 2020

Innovaciones que están cambiando el sector de la salud

El sector sanitario se enfrenta, como muchos otros, a grandes transformaciones. Por un lado, los pacientes han cambiado: ahora están más informados que nunca y el […]
20 January 2020

Of Data Science and Dancing | Bootcamp Diary by Nataliia Hrytsyna

It is my sixth week of my Data Science Bootcamp experience, and seven weeks have gone by since I first stepped foot in Spain and moved […]
20 January 2020

IE for Life: Learning as a lifelong journey

For lasting success in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, we have to be ready to develop, innovate and grow throughout our careers. And in a world […]