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16 January 2020

The Fanciest Job Title | Bootcamp Diary by Abdulaziz Alsultanalamri

“From the Demo Day onward, how much time should I wait before calling myself a data scientist?” I have asked this question to almost every professor […]
16 January 2020

Leading business growth beyond the numbers

If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. This has never been more true than it is in today’s fast-paced professional world, where success has become […]
16 January 2020

Tres aspectos clave de una estrategia de marketing digital

El marketing digital ha cambiado radicalmente la forma de vender los productos y de llegar al público. Ya no se emplea un solo canal para comunicarse […]
9 January 2020

El camino hacia la Digitalización del Sector Inmobiliario

Descubre cómo planificar la transformación digital de tu empresa de real estate residencial En la era de la digitalización, impera que el sector del real estate […]
9 January 2020

The learning journey should never stop | Bootcamp Diary by Penelope Resulta

I had not stepped into a classroom as a student since I graduated college six years ago. After having already spent more than half my life […]
9 January 2020

Learning Data Science in a business-oriented context | Bootcamp Diary by Isaque Campinho

My name is Isaque Campinho. I’m from Portugal and I’ve spent most of my professional career in the finance field as a financial controller. A year […]
9 January 2020

The enriching world of Data Science | Bootcamp Diary by Borja Alonso Valderrey

Hi there! My name is Borja and I’m from Spain. I’m a computer engineer and I recently received my MBA from ESIC Business & Marketing School. […]
8 January 2020
digital transformation

Personas, datos y tecnología: Factores a los que atender en el nuevo modelo inmobiliario

Te explicamos las claves del real estate residencial en la actualidad La agenda que define las nuevas propuestas inmobiliarias dista mucho de los parámetros que definen […]
17 December 2019

Analyzing datasets from real-world companies | Bootcamp Diary by Alison Davey

As week four comes to a close, we’re well into the Data Science Bootcamp. It’s finally time to start analyzing datasets from real-world companies and put […]
13 December 2019

Data Runs the World | Bootcamp Diary by Carlotta Borner

Hello everyone, I’m Carlotta, one of the 17 bootcampers enrolled in this fall’s intake. I have an academic background in business administration and development studies, so […]
4 December 2019

From Microbiology to Programming | Bootcamp Diary by Daniel Garcia

Hello, future bootcamper! Our eighth week of bootcamp is drawing to a close, and I have some mixed feelings about this. The program’s pressure and intensity […]
4 December 2019

Deep diving into Machine Learning and Data Visualization | Bootcamp Diary by Simo Sirvio

Hello everyone! My name is Simo. I am originally from Finland but grew up in the US, in New York. For my undergraduate degree, I studied […]