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Effective Management for Security Professionals: Developing a Strategic Mindset with Caterina Moschieri


As industry transformation continues to accelerate at a blinding pace, it is now more important than ever for security professionals to refine their business acumen. To that end, IE Executive Education has created the Effective Management for Security Professionals program for security-sector professionals looking to add value to their organizations.

Security executives are immeasurably valuable assets within their companies. However, without the right approach to market challenges, these professionals are put at risk of being excluded from certain corporate decisions. Designed in collaboration with ASIS, the program kicked off in early July at our campus in Madrid, inviting participants with top-level managerial insight to develop their strategic mindsets.

One of the first program seminars, “Developing a Strategic Mindset”, was led by Strategy Professor Caterina Moschieri, an expert in the field of strategic management. This collaborative session provided an opportunity for security professionals to develop their critical thinking skills and explore how to facilitate enduring business success while protecting their organizations against potential risks.

Opening the session, Caterina guided participants through the fundamentals of strategy, from industry structures to competitive advantages and value chain. Following the program’s hands-on and engaging methodology, participants were shown London and Madrid’s 2012 Olympic bid videos and asked what made one more successful than the other. Adopting a strategic mindset, the group explored the selling points of the videos, establishing strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.

Participants also had the opportunity to take part in a case study and negotiation role-play exercise. Focusing on the strategic development of Nespresso, the class explored two aspects of the brand’s story. First, they concentrated on how an unsuccessful market campaign was transformed to successfully capitalize on its exclusive patent. Then, in the role-play exercise, the class was split into teams to reenact the negotiation between Nespresso and their coffee-machine manufacturers.

As every organizational decision affects the bottom-line of a company, it is fundamental that security professionals develop a strategic mindset. Through the Effective Management for Security Professionals program, security experts develop the skills needed to engage with all central areas of management, enabling their strategic mind to grow.

The role of the modern security professional should go beyond technical responsibilities to incorporate company-wide strategic alignment. If you’re seeking to develop your strategic mindset and add value to your existing position, visit our website to learn more about the IE Executive Education Effective Management for Security Professionals program.