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The End of Interruption —Why Interruption Is An Outdated Marketing Strategy

With today’s evolving digital landscape and constantly changing consumer behaviors, engaging with your audience is fundamental in order to build an ...

07 May 2018


Innovation, Marketing & Sales

Communication and User Experience as Levers for Digital Transformation

On June 1, an interesting roundtable on Digital Transformation was held, called “Communication and User Experience as Levers for Digital ...

21 Jul 2016


Innovation, Marketing & Sales

Digital Transformation Strategy the easy way

The professor began by asking the audience a basic question: Who is facilitating the digital change? Humans or technology? With this question he ...

06 May 2016


Innovation, Marketing & Sales

First Customer Experience Forum

Among these speakers were Almudena Román, Managing Director of ING Direct Spain; Fernando Summers, CEO of Rastreator; Enrique Huerta, CEO of Liberty ...

12 Apr 2016


Innovation, Marketing & Sales

How to Lead the Digital Transformation in Organizations

The three speakers shared their deep knowledge of the subject since they are not only professors of our sales and marketing program, but also ...

06 Apr 2016


Innovation, Marketing & Sales

Discover the keys for the digital transformation of your company

This event featured three luxury presentations by renowned professionals in the sector, such as Alfonso Fernández, Director of Corporate Marketing ...

06 Nov 2015


Innovation, Marketing & Sales