Data Science Bootcamp - Profile

The Data Science Bootcamp will give you the tools and resources to enhance your skills and accelerate your career through the study of data science.

Who is this program designed for?

The Data Science Bootcamp is for professionals seeking to learn how to use data across industries more efficiently. It’s also for those wanting to quickly gain essential data science skills to kick-start their data science careers. Finally, it’s ideal for those with a Bachelor’s Degree and typically between zero and five years of work experience.

What does it offer?

The Data Science Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge in the various facets of the role of the Data Scientist: to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources to answer complex business questions. You will learn how to find patterns, use machine learning and other analytical tools you will be able to implement in various fields such as marketing, product development, project management, or general business administration.