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A survey shows that companies are contacting 30 percent of data scientists several times a week for new jobs*. At IE University, we teach our students the essentials of data science, equipping them with the specific techniques, tools, and advanced knowledge to succeed. With the IE Data Science Bootcamp, you’ll emerge ready to achieve your goals and stand out from the crowd of other data scientists.

While gaining experience working alongside other ambitious professionals, benefitting from our global network and expert faculty, this bootcamp shapes you into an outstanding data scientist and the professional you aspire to become. Upon completion, you’ll be able to confidently find patterns, manipulate data, and use machine learning and other analytical tools, further cementing your employability across leading companies in the industry. With the knowledge you’ll gain during the bootcamp and the university certification you’ll receive, your career possibilities are endless. Leverage data to enhance your future.

*Data Science Report by CrowdFlower Survey.

  • I’m really grateful to IE University for the opportunity to shape my future. In such a short period of time I have developed the tools I need to achieve my goals, while the Liquid Learning model has helped me connect with faculty and classmates from around the world.

    Merve Basoz Florido Banqueri

    Annotation Analyst at Apple



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Once you’ve completed the Data Science Bootcamp, you’ll be ready to leverage data, machine learning and other analytical tools to drive impact in today’s fast-paced, digital market. Since industry innovations are constantly creating higher demand for data experts, if you feel you want to dig deeper into Data Science; you have the option to using  your credits from  the DSB when applying to the  Master in Business Analytics and Big Data. By successfully completing the Data Science Bootcamp you can earn a validation bonus of 15% when you enroll in the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data.

The above mentioned Master is designed for university graduates with professional experience, the program welcomes three intakes per academic year and offers maximum flexibility to best fit your needs. Thanks to our blended learning capabilities, participants are able to study the program in a 10-month full-time format (1-4 years work experience required) or a part-time 17-month format (5+ years work experience required). You can find more about the prerequisites for the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data here.

This validation bonus is available to use for up to two years after completion of the Data Science Bootcamp. We’re able to offer these special enrollment conditions to two students per intake.

"After the experience, I feel more confident to face the new endeavours next to come."
"I am very excited to apply the new concepts learned to my current job."
"A unique experience for many reasons."
"A life-changing bootcamp."
"This program seems to be giving me all the skills I need to be able to enter the job market as a data scientist."