Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy - Program

Module I: The Buyer Persona and the Customer Journey

Learn how to identify your most valuable segment of customers. Analyze the stages in the Customer Journey and decide what digital marketing channels to use in each stage. Design an efficient omnichannel strategy.

Module II: An Omnichannels Strategy

Learn the intricacies of every digital marketing channel: SEO; SEM, Display Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketplaces… Integrate the tools, the people and the contents into your strategy.

Module III: Analytics

Learn to analyze and interprete Google Analytics reports: audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion reports. Get to know your KPIs, set up S.M.A.R.T. goals and optimize your strategy.

Module IV: The Digital Marketing of the Future

Learn about the latest digital marketing trends and technologies and become a better prepared professional: real-time data, proximity marketing, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, marketing automation.