Executive Development Program for Technical Professionals - Faculty

  • Peter Bryant

    “We have to see the world as entrepreneurs do: as an opportunity for growth.”

    Peter Bryant practices what he preaches, finding opportunity everywhere he looks. Now acting as Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, he has extensive experience in venture capitalism and has orchestrated a number of successful IPOs and VC deals.

    He previously served as a manager in the airline, banking, consulting and venture capital industries in Sydney, before going on to manage the commercialization of exciting new technologies at the University of Sydney.

    Nowadays this unstoppable Australian is a professor of entrepreneurship at IE. Alongside his teaching responsibilities, he conducts valuable research into entrepreneurial management and strategy, exploring how entrepreneurship can drive industrial change and the evolution of organizational capabilities. His research has been published in major academic journals, as well as professional publications including the online editions of the Harvard Business Review and The Economist.

  • Virginia Bombín

    Virginia Bombín is a Finance Professor at both IE Business School and Financial Times IE Corporate Learning Alliance. She also enjoys participating in business projects leading the financial planning as well as assessing the financial well-being of companies.

  • Javier Bernad

    • Founder and CEO of Speak & Span, a public speaking training center.
    • Certified trainer in Public Speaking by Successworks.
    • Member of Toastmasters International.
    • Former Managing Director of MediaCom and Mediaedge:CIA.
    • Former Director at Initiative and Compañía Canariense de Tabacos.
    • Former Manager at British American Tobacco and Procter & Gamble.
    • Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Business Administration, ICADE.

  • Balvinder Powar

    Balvinder is an associate professor at IE whose expertise includes team leadership, creative and strategic input, business development, and relationship management and mediation. He has extensive experience leading business, social, cultural, media and technology projects all over the world. He is a board member and director at BOOSTER Space Industries and AERDRON, an Aerospace project and UAV/Drone Consultancy. His expertise also reaches the non-profit arena, having been the Country Head of an NGO in East Timor. Balvinder is a business and finance graduate of IE and also holds a Master in Mediation from the University of London.

  • Simon Gifford

    Simon has more than 20 years of management consulting experience focused on assisting senior executives in addressing their strategic and operational issues. He is a partner at Genesis Management Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in strategy and decision making.

  • Luis Solís

    Thanks to his experiences working in a wide range of companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America, Dr. Solís has gained a deep knowledge of strategic operations management, supply chain management and quality management—skills that make him a leading professor in these, and other, fields.

  • Roy Richards

    Roy is an Adjunct Professor of Corporate Governance and Board Management at IE. He has served on nearly two dozen academic, social service, and public and private company boards, and in 1999 was elected Georgia’s ‘Most Respected CEO.’

  • Julio Urgel

    Julio is a Finance and Negotiation Professor, and Vice-chairman of the IE International Advisory Board. He is also Director of European Quality Improvement System and of the European Foundation for Management Development.