Hacking Exponential Growth - Program

Achieve Exponential Growth with Multiplier Technologies, Catalyst Leadership and Orchestrated Business Models

Program Structure

Hacking Exponential Growth is a five-day program built around 5 learning blocks.

Block #1: Understanding the Paradigm

This block explores the exponential paradigm and the role of technology as a multiplier, while also taking a practical approach to technology forecasting as a key capability for strategic scenarios.

Block #2: Exponential Business Models

This block provides a comprehensive catalogue of exponential business models as well as a practical experience in exponential business-model prototyping.

Block #3: Markets and Experiences

Becoming a market maker is a distinctive feature of successful exponential models, which implies the ability to think in terms of hybrid markets, customers and experiences.

Block #4: Hybrid Execution

Exponential organizations are not easy to create. This block aims to provide several tools devoted to defining a clear roadmap when transitioning from linear to exponential ones.

Block #5: Hybrid Orchestration

Talent is another critical multiplier in exponential models. Knowing how to manage and steer an organization is a critical ability every exponential leader should develop.