HR Leadership in the Digital Age - The Program

Modernize your HR practices

Companies in the Digital Age need to modernize their HR practices in order to advance the employee experience and have an impact on business.

Module 1

The future ready company in the Digital age

Module 2

The future of work and the workplace

Module 3

A winning HR strategy

Module 4

Next generation of HR/ Talent Management Practices

Module 5

Building people capabilities at the speed of business

Module 6

Developing 21st Century Leaders

Module 7

Advancing people engagement, culture and climate

Module 8

Reinventing the HR function: Lean, agile and nimble

Module 9

Leading HR innovation and Transformation

Module 10

AI, Technologies, People Analytics and Big Data

Module 11

A Vital workforce: Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

Module 12

Personal Project


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