International Masterclass Learning & Development Leadership - Program

Enhance your leadership skills

This six-month program is designed based on proven instructional strategies and provides the most sophisticated, effective and efficient learning experience for participants. The modern learning design involve innovative delivery methods and pedagogy such as discovery learning, flipped classroom, on-the job assignments, digital learning, virtual classrooms, group work, peer coaching and mentoring.

The program includes 2 x 3 days sessions at the University campuses at Nyenrode in the Netherlands and at IE in Spain.

The average study load over 6 months is about 6-8 hours per week (excluding attendance of the immersive classroom sessions).

Module 1: Strategic learning & development for impact

  • Business and Workforce Trends
  • People Capability Development
  • Learning Culture and Lifelong Learning
  • L&D Organizational Archetypes
  • L&D Governance
  • Harnessing Learning Analytics
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Integrated Talent Management
  • Learning Needs Analyses
  • Learning Solutions Portfolio
  • Beliefs About Learning
  • The Deliberately Developing Organization
  • Components of a successful L&D Strategy
  • Enable Agile and Lead L&D
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Design Thinking for L&D
  • Managing Vendors
  • Learning Technology Architecture in The Cloud
  • Digital Learning Modalities
  • Digital Content: Sourcing, Curation and
  • Retirement
  • Your Professional Journey
  • Mindfulness

Module 2: Leading L&D innovation and transformation

  • Your Business Challenge
  • Learning Gallery
  • Designing Leadership Development Journeys
  • Best Practices in Learning Design
  • Shaping Workplace Learning
  • The Neurosciences and Practices of Leading Change
  • Optimizing the Partnership with IT
  • Engaging the Learner
  • Marketing Learning
  • Visual Thinking and Drawing
  • Trends in Learning Technologies & Tools
  • Agile L&D Leadership
  • Mindfulness
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Building Trust
  • Authentic Confidence
  • Setting Your Professional Aspirations
  • Building a High Performing L&D Team