Leadership And Strategy In The Age Of Disruption - Program

MODULE I: The Effect of Rapid Changes in Global Business

Begin scenario-based learning with the analysis of a VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment.

MODULE II: Disruptive Tecnology

Identify the types of disruption brought by technology acceleration and discuss converging technologies as a means of enriching the comprehension of volatility. Investigate salient factors by looking at how AI is reshaping various industries in Japan.

MODULE III: The Impact of Geoplitical Instability

Investigate dormant market growth under the impact of geopolitical instability. Use the DRIVE framework to locate fast-expanding markets and examine cash flow from a new perspective.

MODULE IV: Rise of Fintech

Get familiarized with the emerging technological innovation of Fintech and unravel the impact of the rebellion against traditional brick and mortar establishments.

A Liquid Learning Experience

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