Strategic Corporate Finance - Program

Managing Finance for Value Creation

Program methodology

The Strategic Corporate Finance program’s methodology follows a practical approach, using real life case studies to illustrate how finance tools can be utilised to improve a company’s financial health. Furthermore, the program introduces participants to broader issues facing the financial market today, such as ethical challenges and continual unprecedented change.


  • Managing Finance for Value Creation: Corporate Finance Principles.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: A Strategic Approach.
  • The Investment Decision.
  • Valuation.


  • The Optimal Capital Structure.
  • Debt Restructuring: Considerations about Bank Negotiations.
  • Leveraged Buyouts.
  • M & A in Practice.
  • The Selling Process: Key Success Factors.


  • Dividends: Financial and Psychological Aspects.
  • Going Public: Case Study.
  • Going Private: Case Study.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Finance.

A Liquid Learning Experience

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