Sustainability: Your competitive advantage - Program

Building a stronger business with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

In two comprehensive modules, business executives like you will gain the key insights they need to drive measurable change into their organizations using ESG frameworks. You will develop your sustainability mindset in order to prepare to capitalize on technology and other important tools to keep your business ahead of the curve. You will also create a roadmap to ensure your success going forward.

Module 1: The challenge

  • Introduction to sustainability and change.
  • Who’s who: mapping the context, main actors and trends.
  • The link between technology and sustainable business.
  • The new role of governance structures in steering sustainability.
  • Navigating and applying sustainability at board level, tales from the trenches.
  • Why and why now: catalysts for sustainability.
  • The circular economy and the environmental impact of business and economics.
  • Foresight: purpose-driven innovation.
  • Business development opportunities through partnerships.
  • ESG as a win-win: ESG case studies and lessons learned.
  • Workshop: your why and what within the SDG framework.

Module 2: The response

  • How to lead change: a new breed of leaders.
  • Creating the case and measuring impact.
  • Challenges and tips in leading your team through sustainability.
  • Applying sustainability from the board: best practices at board level.
  • Mentalization: the use of mental states in sustainability decision making.
  • How is the private sector financing a sustainable economy?
  • Global structures and financial opportunities.
  • Workshop: making a new sustainable business model for my organization.
  • Key takeaways and next steps.

A Liquid Learning Experience

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