A military-friendly place

IE, one of the world´s leading management schools, is the ideal place for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who are looking to continue their international experience and transitioning to a business career.

Veterans are disciplined leaders and strategic thinkers with a level of loyalty unmatched among potential candidates at IE. We specialize in identifying the pre-existing skills of veterans and finding ways to improve and adapt those skills to the business world. The education provided at IE can help apply your military acquired skills to your new career.

IE’s education and professional training can help veterans, such as you, with the transition, while IE’s Careers Management Center will provide the tools to help you to identify and land the position you desire.

The flexibility and customization of our MBA programs makes IE a great choice for students looking for a career in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur. Many students take advantage of internship and exchange program opportunities all over the world, and more than 15% of IE Business School students create their own companies.

In addition, the IE Military Veterans Club for students strives to enrich the on-campus experience for veterans while further developing their professional, social, and academic skills.

Furthermore, IE is continuously working to obtain the most international faculty and diverse student body possible, and is firmly committed to supporting women in leadership and senior management positions.