Launching in Spring 2017.

At IE Law School we are moved by state-of-the-art technology and we are committed to rise to the challenges and find ground-breaking solutions aiming to advance in the frontier of legal technology and drive innovation in the legal world. We´ll keep you updated with the newest developments happening at Law X.

We invite you to visit ieLawX to find out more about this disruptive event that explores the intersection between technology and the legal world.

The Law X Innovation Farm focuses on technology-based innovation in the business and processes of Law. Our members include senior counsel in corporate legal departments and senior partners in leading law firms.  Topics addressed in this Innovation Farm include intelligent automatization of legal processes, legal apps and bots (e.g., compliance), predictive analytics (e.g., dispute resolution), and related topics in which digital technology and artificial intelligence have the power to transform the field of law.  Members and their teams will have access to four workshops and one annual conference and the option of running innovation labs within this Farm.

The team

Profile - Lee Newman Lee Newman

Dean of IE HST

Profile - Borja González del Regueral Borja González del Regueral

Vice Dean of Technology, IE HST

Profile - Norman Kurtis Norman Kurtis

Vice Dean of Behavior & Human Development and Director Corporate Relations, IE HST

Profile - Javier de Cendra Javier de Cendra

Dean of IE Law School