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Tecla Keller

About me

Tecla Keller was born in Germany and educated in various countries throughout Europe. She studied the humanities in Italy and earned a master's degree in business studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. She speaks German, Italian, French, English and Spanish and has lived in Madrid for over 25 years.


Deputy Vice President of the IE Foundation

She has a long international trajectory in strategic consulting and company launches, with 20 years of experience at firms such as Roland Berger & Partners, Cluster Consulting (now Oliver Wyman), ADL, Globalpraxis and PwC. She has worked on numerous strategic projects for large multinationals, with a specific focus on growth and transformation. She also served as interim manager in the commercial area during the development and launch of Orange in Switzerland, and as director of marketing for the AOL startup in Spain: a joint venture between AOL, Santander, Planeta and Sol Meliá.

Before joining IE, she worked at PwC as a member of the Global Strategy and Leadership team, collaborating on strategic projects such as the Family Business global initiative. She was also responsible for the development of the Thought Leadership “España 2033” project, integrating academic and commercial research to address business concerns.