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IE Foundation announces activities of IE Africa Center and IE China Center

Activities of IE Africa Center and IE China Center | IE Foundation

Boosting knowledge generation, innovation and regional leadership.

Despite their recent launch, IE Afica Center and IE China Center have already carried out several initiatives and present a complete agenda towards 2020.

IE Africa Center carries out different initiatives to revolutionize the way that African history, culture and business are delivered in educational institutions around the world, be it “IE Africa Social Innovation Booster” one of the most challenging initiatives to impulse African leaders’ entrepreneurial thinking and social impact. Moreover, IE Africa Center organizes a series of conferences called after “African Solutions, Global Challenges” to spotlight African entrepreneurs who come up with regional solutions to global challenges. There have already been four editions, each of them hosted in different cities: Accra, Lagos, New York and London.

In addition to this, IE China Center was launched in SouthSummit2019 where Prof. Bin MA  presented the conclusions of the research Entrepreneurship in Europe vs. China: a Comparison , which analyzes the similarities and differences between entrepreneurs in China and Europe.  Towards 2020, IE China Center aims to generate applied research, showcase best practices and over all, bringing Chinese business world on IE’s education.

IE University has strong ties with China and Africa and thanks to these two new centers, IE University will enable them to promote business innovation and entrepreneurship through knowledge generation, research and technology.

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