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At IE, we honored the International Women’s day during the entire month of March through the IEWomen Initiative to show our commitment to fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

On behalf of the IE community and its donors, the IE Foundation supports the IE Women initiative to help women continue on their path to excellence by promoting them in business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

As part of its mission to further diversity at the university, the IE Foundation, through Financial Aid Office, makes available a number of scholarships for high-potential women to unlock their talents. Only in 2020, the IE Foundation invested a total budget of near  8M€ for scholarships for incoming female students making available 17 different scholarships. Some examples are:

  • Shetrades Scholarship: this scholarship program provides up to six (6) scholarships per year to outstanding female candidates, both professionally and academically, who aim to have a social impact in the field of trade and business expansion.
  • Women Leadership Award: These scholarships will be awarded to women who are high achievers and want to contribute to the advancement of other women in their organizations and their communities.
  • Women in Finance Scholarship: this scholarship program encourages and supports women of all ages and nationalities who demonstrate a real interest in finance, contributing to end the disparity in a male-dominated industry.

In addition to supporting high-performing female students, the IE Foundation fosters knowledge creation and research made by women through the work of centers, chairs, and observatories. In fact, in 2020, 60% of research publications supported by IE Foundation were authored by women. Some of the published reports are:

Decoding Customer Centricity, by María Eizaguirre and María Alvarado

The resilience/vulnerability of Spanish households to covid-19, by Laura Núñez-Letamendia and Athena Tsouderou

Digital transformation for inclusive business development project, by Concepción Galdón, Aloña Martiarena and Laura Hernández

Last but not least, IE Foundation also supports and participates in multiple educational and social initiatives related to diversity, globalization, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and social innovation, aiming that every member of the IE Community has the chance to grow both personally and professionally and to contribute in their own way to societal progress. The IE Foundation takes part in multiple initiatives within the IE Women Initiative, such as the Women in Business Club or the IE International Women’s Day.

Examples among many are the Wuha Sira initiative, launched by professor, Gayle Allard to provide scholarships for girls to attend private schools in Dilla (Ethiopia) among other social purposes or, the Digital Transformation for Inclusive Business Development Program in which 49% of beneficiaries were women.

Check out the liquid E-book to find out all about IE Community’s activities to help women continue on their path to excellence:  IE Women E-book