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Thitivut Ekphaisansup

About me

Thitivut Ekphaisansup is an IE alum who earned his Bachelor in Internarional Relations in 2018. He was the recipient of the Young Talented Leaders AJE Group grant. During his studies, he completed internships at AJE Group in Thailand, Oxfam in Cambodia and at the Global Clinton Initiative in Arizona.
His experience as a grant recipient allowed him to put the IE Foundation's work in perspective. Thitivut says diversity is necessary for a unique learning environment, and that's why he considers the Foundation grant program essential. "Empowering the best talent regardless of nationality is the key to solving the most complex problems of today and the future. This can only be fostered in an international environment filled with talented people"


Thitivut Ekphaisansup, Indonesia


Bachelor in Internarional Relations, Class of 2018

AJE Group Young Talented Leaders Scholarship recipient