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21 oct 2020


Should I go for Online MBA or Full-Time MBA? How do I choose an MBA program so I can balance my personal life, work and study? Join the Alumni Panel with four female alumni from IE's Global MBA and International MBA.
(The event is in Japanese).

8:00, Online, Japanese

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22 oct 2020


Looking for a job in a time of economic downturn is a challenge, but there are niche industries you may not have considered who want to hire IE Women! The student led Women in Business Club at IE is rethinking the future of work and shedding a light on these oftentimes overlooked sectors. Join this exciting virtual session, Women@IE on the Future of Work, and get tips from the President of the Women in Business Club and IE alumni on their experiences working in these industries. Learn more about what makes IE special in its mission to empower women and how we can help you achieve your professional goals during your MBA and Masters journey at IE. This is your opportunity! TIME: 12:00 - 13:00 (GMT -04:00)

12:00, Online, English

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27 oct 2020


IE University, en colaboración con The Women Presidents´ Organization (WPO), te invita a participar en el lanzamiento del nuevo capítulo Latinoamericano de WPO, organización de mujeres empresarias alrededor del mundo integrada por 140 capítulos en países tan diversos como Arabia Saudita, Estados Unidos, Perú, Turquía y Malasia. Durante esta sesión en línea, integrantes de una las organizaciones más influyentes del liderazgo femenino compartirán sus experiencias como miembros de WPO. Adicionalmente, María Teresa Aranzabal, profesora de IE University, describirá las características compartidas por mujeres que han alcanzado el liderazgo empresarial y las prácticas relevantes que están teniendo lugar en las empresas para lograr una mayor diversidad de género. TIME: 16:00 - 17:30 (GMT +02:00)

6:00, Online, Spanish

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28 oct 2020

More Women in Top-Management Positions: Why is it so difficult?

In the 160 public listed companies in Germany only 10% of the members of the executive boards are women. In other words, 90 % are men. Why is it like this and how do Germany stand in an international comparison? Many studies are showing that diversity in top management brings profit and innovations, but still many companies keep on having all-male boards. What could be the necessary steps to change? What could the state, the companies and each individual do to speed up the process?

6:30, Online, English

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29 oct 2020

IE Alumni Thursdays. Female Entrepreneurship

Join IE startup enthusiasts during this great discussion moderated by Anastasiia Paevskaia - current student of Dual Degree International MBA +LL.M. in International Business Law, aspiring entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of MUSTBEUS, volunteer-tech platform. President of IE Entrepreneurship and IE Russian Community Clubs. Winner of 2020 McKinsey Women Achievement Award. Organized by IE Global Alumni Relations.

7:00, Online, English

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10 nov 2020


Along the session and final Q&A, Dr. Jacquie Brassey. Director of Learning at McKinsey will develop insights and practical solutions to advance Authentic Confidence in the workplace. Essential skills that should be integrated into every university- and leadership program that is serious about the world of tomorrow!

12:00, Online, English

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11 nov 2020

Empowering Women in Tech

The world needs more women in tech, now more than ever in our increasingly digital world! Join us in this online talk where we will cover the root of gender inequality and why closing the gender gap should be a priority for all. Our speaker, Professor Christina Stathopoulos, will share her own experience as a woman in tech and a #IamRemarkable Facilitator, as well as insider tips on how to land YOUR dream job in tech. Christina is an American based in Madrid. Her time in Spain, both before and after completing her IE Master in Business Analytics and Big Data in 2016, has transformed her personally and professionally. She's currently a data expert and an analytical consultant at Google in Madrid, Spain, and regularly participates in events and conferences as a speaker supporting women in technology and emerging technologies. Hope you can join us!

17:00, Online, English

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12 nov 2020


We have identified that in Latin America there is still huge gap in gender equality. At IE Business School one of our key values is diversity. We want that both men and women have the same opportunities in business. Today women still face more challenges when trying to get higher positions within an organization. We want to empower women to pursue their dreams and have the same opportunities when developing a business. With the aim of empowering women who are entrepreneurs and connecting the women in business network in Latin America, IE Business School and Dalia Empower are launching the first Inspiring Women in Business Venture Day in Mexico City.

17:00, Online, English

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