IE Women Stories

Every woman has her story as a unique individual, and at IE we strive to highlight and encourage each and every one. Explore the stories of our IE Women and learn more about our diverse community.

Carolina, Spain

Adjunct Professor at the IE School of International Relations (IE University)
Ten years of professional experience in the areas of Gender Equality
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Soledad, Spain

Vice Dean IE Law School, Director of Undergraduate Law Programs
"Everything can be done, but not all at once"
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Rachilda, Spain

Professor at IE Business School and Academic Director for the BBVA Momentum Acceleration project at FTIE CLA
Passionate about female entrepreneurship and empowering people to change the world
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Nicole, USA

Asia Foundation Senior Director, IE Global Executive MBA Student
"Good leaders are always learning."
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Sara, Spain

YouTube Strategic Partner Manager, IE Master in Management Alumni (2015)
"I was able to develop skills that I didn’t know I could even get good at!"
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Karisa, USA

Specturm Brands Sales Representantive, IE Global MBA Student
"The journey inspired me to be brave, embark on new adventures, and believe in myself more than ever before."
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Lynn, Lebanon

"Being surrounded by such a group of amazing change makers and influential people, I was encouraged to pursue my passions."
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Linda, Zambia

“When women see other women in influential positions, they realize that they can also do it."
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Nabila, Sudan/Jordan

"It is the parents who have to educate their children about equal rights and opportunities."
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Yvonne, USA

"I want to make a positive impact in the world."

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Maya, Lebanon

"That course taught me to defy the status quo," she says. And that’s what she did.
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Beatrice, Kenya

"I am inspired by the lessons and progress attained in journeying with different epic women and men."
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Brenda, Zambia

"I have no special talent. I am passionately curious." – Albert Einstein. One of my favourite quotes that I try to live by every day.
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Anna, Hungary

"Whatever your passion may be, never accept ‘this is how it has always been’ for an answer."
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Lola, Spain

"Something that entrepreneurship forces you to do is to be very honest with yourself."
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