"It is the parents who have to educate their children about equal rights and opportunities."

Nabila, Sudan/Jordan

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Nabila Toubia Morcos

About me

Nabila Toubia Morcos is pure energy and forcefulness. This woman from Sudan owns a strategy and human resources consultancy called EN-CAPS, which she directs from its offices in Jordan. In spite of her full schedule, for years she has found time to defend the rights of women, especially in Arab countries, through the International Women’s Forum.

Her vision of feminism is, at the same time, an exercise in admiration for those men who value and support their daughters and female co-workers, and a call to the responsibility of families to try and educate their children in the spirit of equality: Nabila has immense confidence in the possibilities for women as long as they believe in themselves, work with other women instead of seeing them as rivals, and learn to cooperate with men.

Executive Education Global Senior Management & Advanced Managemet Program Alumni, EN-CAPS Consult Owner and Managing Director

Nominated to the EPIC Alumni awards: Women Inspiring Women