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Alejandro Aravena
My advice for the architects of the future is to be as nerdy as possible.
Alejandro Aravena
Architect and 2016 Pritzker Prize winner, speaking at IE
Jeremy Myerson
The three big challenges for architects in the future are to understand people, to understand place, and to understand technology.
Jeremy Myerson
Director of WORKTECH Academy, speaking at IE
Lorenzo de Medici 2000x900
For me, if somebody is playing with video games, it is a kind of culture. It is a new culture for the new people, the new generation.
Lorenzo de Medici
Writer, speaking at IE
Penny Wilson
Users will use blockchain to choose what information they want to share with advertisers.
Penny Wilson
CMO at Hootsuite, speaking at IE
Jose María Alvarez-Pallete
Creativity, imagination, emotion, compassion, and ethics cannot be digitized or automated. Precisely because of that, people will become even more valuable, because machines can simulate, but never can be or feel.
José María Álvarez-Pallete
Chairman & CEO of Telefónica, speaking at IE


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