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The IE Library´s mission is to meet all the educational and research needs of the academic community of IE. For this it counts on a wide fund composed by the most important printed collection and electronic resources, with online access through mobile devices, QR codes, APPs, as well as a worldwide catalogue “in the cloud” to do search and manage reserves and renewals. It offers Ipads and tablets for loan, online librarian support service, tutorials and trainings for a higher support for the users, and web 2.0 profile.


IE Library covers all the bibliographical needs of our students in an innovative, technological and user-friendly environment.


Students have access to all the services IE Library offers, from loans to the collection of materials included in each subjects syllabus bibliography.



This service allows students, facutly and staff to request and borrow materials from other libraries outside IE.


IE Library has the resources you need to enrich your studies

The IE Library has different bibliographic resources dedicated exclusively to the study and research of the law: Keyword search and browse though electronic and print resources such as working papers, books, journals, periodicals, research…
Articles - IE Library | IE Law School


Hundreds of articles on legal research are classified so that you can find them easily in our extensive collection.

Working papers - IE Library | IE Law School

Working Papers

Working papers are the fruit of our faculty’s intensive research and you can find them all in our IE Library.

Books and Chapters - IE Library | IE Law School

Books and Chapters

All the digitalized bibliography from IE at your disposal with complete books or pasagges of concrete chapters.

Conferences - IE Library | IE Law School


Enjoy the transcriptions, presentations and videos of conferences imparted at IE Law School.

Editorial Work - IE Library | IE Law School

Editorial Work

Discover the entire collection of editorial work from the most prestigious journals and magazines around the world.

Research - IE Library | IE Law School


At IE Law School we share a commitment to scholarship through research, which is central to our faculty. Find the latest research projects here.


Discover all the Student Services IE offers

To ensure that students IE experience is as smooth as possible, we offer the vital resources and information to them every step of the way.
Experience Madrid - IE Library | IE Law School

Experience Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant capital, epicenter of the spanish culture, business and politics; the perfect setting for an academic journey.

Discover Life in Madrid
Student Office - IE Library | IE Law School

Student Office

We ensure our students’ arrival to Spain and to IE is as relaxed and easy as possible.

Contact Student Office
Campus Life & IE Clubs - IE Library | IE Law School

Campus Life & IE Clubs

Students and alumni can focus their learning and networking activities on specific interests and personal affinities, through more than 180 Clubs managed by themselves.

Explore Campus Life & IE Clubs

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