Quick Facts

Silicon Valley
Start 22 May
End 26 May


Legal Bridge to Silicon Valley is a program designed to teach best business & legal practices to lawyers and entrepreneurs, to meet current and future challenges as a team. Participants will understand how to better exploit the relationship between business and legal professionals to meet their business objectives, while gaining an overall vision of the Silicon Valley ecosystem whilst building their network with valuable industry leaders.

This 5 day program is held in Silicon Valley. Rather than traditional classroom lectures, the group of participating executives will hold meetings with business leaders from dynamic companies, industry frontrunners, startups, venture capitalists and law firms.

Following the completion of this program, participants should be able to:

1. Understand how lawyers can be ideal partners for entrepreneurs in an innovative environment.

2. Have a clear vision of how companies operate in the Bay Area, how market forces, trends and best practices influence their decisions, and what they perceive as current and future challenges and opportunities.

3. Be able to build valuable relationships and networks in Silicon Valley, through newly acquired contacts during the program.

4. Understand what problem-solving, organizational, and professional skills are needed to succeed in an innovative environment like Silicon Valley.

5. Have an effective personal “elevator pitch” to introduce themselves in any business meeting or networking event.

6. Gain inspiration to change / improve their careers



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