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Elena Rodríguez Molinero


Elena Rodríguez Molinero




Global Public Law and Governance

She studied Law and Business Administration being originally more interested in the business branch, but she started working as a lawyer and she loved it. Notwithstanding, she has not been out of the business world not only because the majority of her clients are companies, but also because she teaches accounting for lawyers, as far as she considers that a company lawyer that cannot understand accounting, is not in a good position to give proper and complete legal advice to his corporate client. In her lessons she not only explains the accounting subject, but she links it with her professional experience as lawyer as well, mentioning real cases that help her students to understand the accounting subject and to get interest about it. With this aim to train lawyers with some added value, she has taught lessons in which corporate, accountancy and tax matters were all mixed in a sole case, in order to make the students solve it from all those perspectives. As a lawyer she is interested in civil law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, economical crimes and litigation, dealing with cases that very often involve some of these areas at the same time. She has been Secretary of ICADE Asociación and, throughout the law office LEXINTER ABOGADOS (where she works), she is also a part of the international lawyers network “International Jurists”. She has published in the law magazine LA LEY, in the International Jurists magazine and in the Asociación Balear de Directivos magazine.


Corporate Experience

  • Lawyer in LEXINTER ABOGADOS, Spain, 1998-Present


Academic Experience

  • Professor of Accounting, IE Law School, Spain, 2002-Present


Academic Background

  • Graduate in Law, Pontificia de Comillas University (ICADE), Spain, 1997.
  • Diploma in Business, Pontificia de Comillas University (ICADE), Spain, 1997.
  • Masters in Company Legal Consultancy (MAJ), IE Law School, Spain, 1998.