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María del Pilar Galeote


María del Pilar Galeote


Professor IE Law School


Comparative Private and Business Law

Law and Humanities

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Expert in Strategic Alliances and Legal Negotiation, Pilar Galeote combines a broad business and teaching experience. She was member of the Legal Counsel Department of Telefónica Intercontinental where she worked in UMTS contracts. Prior to that, Pilar worked at Clifford Chance in the Corporate Law department; she specialized in aspects related to the negotiation of the mergers and acquisitions process.

She wrote her doctoral thesis on a subject which combined her two fields of knowledge: Corporate Law and Negotiation. Her thesis subject was Voting Agreements as control mechanisms in joint corporations; subject of corporate law which is related to parties who may negotiate agreements. Prof. Galeote says that “the lawyer should know not only substantive law but the necessary skills to make impact in the other parties involved”

Since 1999, she teaches Negotiation and Corporate Law in different Master Programs at IE Business School, Law School and IE University. She also teaches Programs and Top Management Programs in Executive Education. Prof. Galeote is also the Director of the Cervelló Chair where a Law annual Prize is announced with a double objective: both legal research and social purpose.

Prof. Galeote has received “The best Professor Award” of IE Law School several years.

Academic Background

  • Negotiation & Persuasión, PON Harvard Law School, May 2018
  • PhD in Corporate Law, Universidad CEU San Pablo
  • LLM, IE Law School
  • BA in Law, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Certificate in Business Administration, Universidad CEU San Pablo

Teaching & Professional Experience

  • Director of the Cervelló Chair, IE Law School (2010 – today)
  • Associate Director of the Negotiation and Mediation Center, IE Business School (2003 – Dec. 2021)
  • Lawyer at Clifford Chance, Spain (2000 – 2003)
  • Lawyer at Telefónica Intercontinental (1999 – 2000)
  • Professor of Negotiation, M&A and different programs of Corporate Law at IE Law School (1999 – today)

Relevant Research

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