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Legal Clinics as a Legal Education Model to train Lawyers. A US perspective

Date: 01/01/2017

Author(s): Soledad Atienza

Format: Research Article

Area(s): Clinical Legal Education, Global, Comparative and European Law, Management Skills

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The object of this article is to analyze legal clinics as a legal Education methodology to train lawyers, with the aim to determine to what extent can they be transplanted and developed in Spain, following the model that was created and has been successful in the US.  The article begins with a historic description of the evolution of legal clinics in the US, including examples of different universities, followed by the analysis of the Spanish legal clinics, in order to propose the development of these activities in Spain under the US model, taking into consideration the differences between the legal systems and legal markets.

Citation: Published by: Aranzadi / Thomson Reuters (Legal) Limited
Editors: Javier Ignacio Zaragoza Tejada & Antonio Sempere Navarro