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Moving Towards an International Legal Education in Spain

Date: 01/05/2016

Author(s): Soledad Atienza

Format: Book chapter

Area(s): Clinical Legal Education, Management Skills

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The aim of this chapter is to describe the extent to which legal education has been internationalised in Spain. This is analysed both from an academic point of view (programs and subjects offered by Law Schools), and from a professional point of view (the reality of the legal profession, in particular in the business law firms). For this purpose, the chapter includes examples of specific programs and Law Schools in the Spanish legal education landscape. The new regulation to access the legal profession and the “European Higher Education Area” (Bologna process) are key elements of current legal education and are therefore taken into consideration. Other topics considered in this chapter are the accreditation of programs, the growth of dual degree programs and programs accredited under two different jurisdictions, as well as the skills required to practice law as a global lawyer.

Citation: Published by: Springer International Publishing
Editors: : Christophe Jamin & William van Caenegem