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Teaching Law. Can the teaching US model teach us something?

Date: 01/02/2014

Author(s): Soledad Atienza

Format: Book

Area(s): Clinical Legal Education, Global, Comparative and European Law, Management Skills

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English: Can the teaching methods used in legal education in the US be applied in Spain? This book aims to answer this question by comparing the teaching methodologies used to train lawyers in both countries (in particular the socratic method, the lecture and clinical programs) and analyzes them in the context of the current legal market, defined by the local regulations to access the legal profession. The European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process) and the new regulation to access the legal profession (Ley de Acceso a la Abogacía) open the opportunity for a change in Spanish legal education. Within this regulatory framework, the book proposes to introduce new methodologies to teach law and to train lawyers in Spain, methodologies inspired by the US experience.

Citation: Published by: Aranzadi / Thomson Reuters (Legal) Limited
Editors: : Thomson Reuters (Legal) Limited