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Digital transformation and globalization conquer law school classrooms

Technology hasn’t just changed the way classes are taught, but also it’s content, tailored to today’s disruptive market.

28 Jun 2021


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‘Not just any competition’: Winners of the Comparative Law in Action Challenge on what they learned

‘The competition was a steep learning curve for every member of the group, but that is precisely what made it such an enriching experience’. ...

21 Apr 2021


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IE dual degree students win second place in Deloitte’s Young WoMen Challenge

Students partaking a Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws, participated in this year’s Deloitte Young WoMen Challenge and won second ...

15 Apr 2021


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Globalisation and technology are key shapers of legal education, finds IBA and LSGL research

A report published today cites internationalisation and technological disruption as the key trends and opportunities in the field of global legal ...

11 Nov 2020


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Education of the future: What should the drivers of legal training be?

Like other sectors, the legal profession has evolved in recent years and, as with the others, it has been particularly influenced by globalization ...

10 Mar 2020


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IE Law School, IBA and LSGL launch the Blueprint Project for the future global legal education

IE Law School has been designated as the coordinator of the research project by the International Bar Association (IBA) and the Law Schools Global ...

05 Mar 2020


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The skills, tools and knowledge every future lawyer needs

Increased automation and digitalization have changed the way legal services are conducted, leaving many asking what the future looks like for ...

20 Oct 2019


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New world, new skills: Why upskilling in law matters

Future lawyers must be able to adapt to the changing landscape of the legal profession. In this context, upskilling is paramount to ...

17 Oct 2019


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Dean of IE Law School discusses the future of legal education at enlightED

Javier de Cendra led a discussion panel on "Reinventing Legal Education in the Era of the Tech Revolution" at enlightED in Madrid. Leading experts ...

07 Oct 2019


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The T-shaped lawyer: The new skills every future lawyers needs to succeed

Future lawyers must be equipped with the tools necessary to meet the demands of new clientele, preparing them to stand out as they define new legal ...

04 Oct 2019


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How studying the LL.M. in International Business Law can heighten your career prospects

Nowadays, having a global perspective is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill that international law firms and legal departments are seeking ...

03 Apr 2019


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Reach your career goals faster when studying the Master in Legal Tech

Do you want to become a force for change in an evolving world? Consider studying the Master in Legal Tech at IE Law School and help take innovation ...

27 Mar 2019


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IE Law School hosts Law Without Walls kick off at Segovia

The “KickOff” in Segovia was an opportunity to get to know the teams and the mentors, and to engage with professionals and entrepreneurs from the ...

18 Feb 2019


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Skills for a successful career in a changing legal market

What are the skills for a successful career in today´s changing legal market? Our Vicedean Soledad Atienza shares her thoughts in this article ...

16 Jan 2019


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10 skills you will need to thrive in tomorrow´s legal job market

The world of work is changing – and some jobs are changing faster than others. According to the latest research, and top experts, the following ...

21 Mar 2018


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Five technologies lawyers shouldn’t ignore

From Big Data to Blockchain, Marti Manent gives us a glimpse of the five technologies that lawyers mustn´t ignore if they want to succeed in ...

26 Feb 2018


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Challenges and trends for the XXI century lawyer

The International Bar Association (IBA) Young Lawyers´ Committee has partnered with IE Law School to launch a Young Lawyers´ Training Course on ...

23 Feb 2018


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Erika Pagano: “My greatest joy is seeing students realize their full potential”

Erika Pagano, Director of LawWithoutWalls, studies the impact of creativity and technology in the changing legal landscape. In this interview, she ...

20 Dec 2017


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