"The fundamental teachings that will stay with me forever are: try to listen more than you speak, do not try to seem the smartest guy in the room, and always be humble with everyone around you."

Alejandro, Spain

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Alejandro Cubillo

About me

My name is Alejandro Cubillo Jiménez and I’m 24 years old. I was born and raised in Salamanca, where I completed my formal education as well as a university degree in law. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to get out and see the world, while exploring new places and cultures. For that reason, I decided to study abroad as soon as I had the chance. I’ve lived in the US, the Czech Republic and Germany for a few months at a time but ended up moving to Madrid.
I’ve always considered myself to be a very curious and ambitious person with a relentless desire to have more and achieve more. These personality traits (which I sometimes consider strengths, and other times weaknesses) have allowed me (with the support of my family, friends and professors), to get to where I am today. My priorities are clear to me⁠—I like achieving my goals and I always make a point to appreciate the people who’ve helped me along the way.
I’m currently working in an international law firm. I’d like to keep growing professionally at my current company, and eventually become a specialist in banking and finance law. I hope and believe that I’ll be able to achieve this goal as I continue to find strength in the people around me and move forward thanks to their support.

Alejandro Cubillo, Spain


Master´s student

Which are the main aspects that you would describe as differential and unique in your experience with IE?

In my opinion, IE offers practical and professional insight into the career of a corporate lawyer. We’ve been very lucky to attend lectures given by some of Spain’s most influential and successful lawyers. Moreover, IE helps generate an international way of thinking that is expected from all future-forward lawyers practicing in our globalized world.

Could you share with us the most special moment you have lived at IE?

I have experienced so many special moments at IE that it is hard to choose just one. If I had to choose, it would be both my first and last day. I arrived feeling like this was going to be a new experience and I left knowing that the experience had only just begun.

What are the fundamental teachings that will stay with you throughout your personal and professional future?

The fundamental teachings that will stay with me forever are: try to listen more than you speak, do not try to seem the smartest guy in the room, and always be humble with everyone around you.

How would you describe the representation of diversity in IE?

In terms of diversity, I would not say that my program is the best example of IE’s international values. Since I am studying a dual master to pass the Spanish Bar Exam, most of my colleagues are either from Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries. However, there are students from other parts of the world (Sweden, Scotland, Italy and Austria) who are working hard to be able to practice in Spain. In other master’s programs, it is clear that the language of instruction and communication is English as they tend to have a more international group of students.

In your opinion, what is the characterizing strength of our faculty?

The quality of the education they provide, together with the intense but necessary preparation they offer to kick-start our professional careers, is a characterizing strength of IE’s outstanding faculty.

What was your main motivation to choose IE Law School and why do you think it was the right choice?

I chose IE Law School because of the university’s global insights, intriguing projects and contacts. In my opinion, there is no other university in Spain which offers what IE can give you.

How would you describe the master you’ve completed in three words?

Intense, challenging and rewarding.

How has it helped you to enter the world of work?

Before coming to IE, I barely knew about the top-tier law firms. But after my dual master and my time at IE with its cutting-edge education and useful partnerships, I have been able to get more involved with and learn more about this world.

What was the most valuable thing that you learned in the master and that you apply to your professional life today?

The most valuable piece of advice I have received over the last few years is that the worst thing a person can do is to think they’re better than others. Success is attainable, but you must stay humble.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently working for an international law firm. I would like to continue working there so that I can become an expert in my field while developing a more globalized career in law.

What was the best thing you got out of IE?

Probably all of the people that I have had the pleasure to meet during my time at IE. Not only my friends, but also my teachers, lecturers and all of the university’s employees.

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