“The three-week stay at IE Law School in Madrid was one of the highlights of the program for me.”

Andrés, Peru

Executive LL.M.

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Andrés Toledo

About me

My name is Andrés Toledo and I’m originally from Lima, Peru. It was there that I studied law and, since then, I’ve worked in the Brazilian Amazon, in Santiago de Chile and in Belgium. I was living in Denmark when I started the Executive LL.M., but I currently live and work in the South of France. I would describe myself as a curious, fearless and open-minded person who is always eager to learn.

I’ve always been deeply interested in people’s decision-making processes, especially where they impact human rights and undermine people’s trust in the rule of law.

Andrés Toledo, Peru


Master’s student

Program studied

Executive LL.M.

What are your passions and career ambitions?

My greatest career ambitions are to help eradicate all forms of corruption in the private sector and to become the chief compliance officer of a multinational corporation.


What made you decide to enroll in the Executive LL.M. at IE Law School?

I decided to enroll in the Executive LL.M. at IE Law School for three reasons:

Andrés Toledo - Student Story | IE Law School

First, because of its pragmatic and business-oriented approach. In the last seven years, I’ve had the chance to improve, design and implement compliance programs in complex settings, both in Latin America and in Europe. This has made me passionate about advancing corporate ethics through empowerment and anti-corruption awareness.

Second, because of the flexibility. It’s now normal to work and study remotely as a way of staying connected. The Executive LL.M. allowed me to continue working while I studied, either from my home in Denmark or in person in Madrid and Chicago.

And third, because of the diversity. Our program included both in-house lawyers and lawyers from law firms, with between five and over 20 years of experience and from more than 15 different countries. There was even an investment banker and a physician! At the same time, having the opportunity to learn from experts in US law and international business allows for more complex and diverse discussions.


Andrés Toledo - Student Story | IE Law School

What stands out from your IE Law School experience, both on a personal and a professional level?

The three-week stay at IE Law School in Madrid was one of the highlights of the program for me. Attending in-person classes, studying and doing group work with other participants every day was quite challenging, but very rewarding. The demands of the Executive LL.M. definitely match the profile of the participants. Of course, we were also happy to use the weekends to recharge our batteries and enjoy Madrid life.


What are the main challenges faced by professionals in your sector?

The increased regulatory constraints and constant public scrutiny are making compliance even more complex. As a corporate lawyer who specializes in anti-corruption compliance, there is a need to establish clear internal rules and incentives to prevent acts of corruption, while ensuring business continuity by considering the legal risks. We have to be able to transform the complex and increasingly demanding anti-corruption regulatory framework into added value for the company.