“The way in which we have learnt to reason according to different jurisdictions allows you to see legal problems in a way that is different to other students”

Calum, Scotland

Bachelor of Laws

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Calum Hedigan

About me

I was born in Scotland, but I have lived in Spain and went to Colombia for an exchange semester. I have played rugby ever since I was five years old and currently play at the university team. During my first year, I created the rugby club with some friends, for which I was the coach for two years. Now we have a fantastic coach in Madrid and we are currently in the playoffs fighting to be promoted to the second division. Besides rugby, my hobbies are going out with my friends, reading and traveling.

Calum Hedigan, Scotland


University Student

Program studied

Bachelor of Laws

Calum is a dedicated and passionate student completing Dual Bachelor of Law and LPC. Thanks to the comparative law methodology, he has gained knowledge from different jurisdictions and been able to develop analytical and critical thinking skills that make him stand out from the crowd.

Calum’s interview is part of the Faces of IEU project, with seeks to bring closer together the IE community by sharing stories of students about their experience at the university, professionally, and about themselves. Through a series of interviews, students are able to share, explore and learn about opportunities that make IE University and its community truly unique.

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