"I feel that my legal approach is more comprehensive and that I can provide better advice."

Cria Marie, Philippines

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Cria Marie Pasquil

About me

My name is Cria, and I was born and raised in Davao, in the Southern Philippines. I went to college and law school in Manila, where I also worked as an associate in corporate and tax law for three years. I am also proud to be the first woman from the Philippines to graduate from IE’s LL.M. in International Business Law.

Cria Marie Pasquil, Philippines


Master´s student

What professional and personal experiences from the master stand out? Are there any stories you’d like to share?

From a professional standpoint, I gained a highly practical, international perspective of law. There were over a dozen nationalities represented in my class and it was interesting to learn how laws and their applications varied by jurisdiction. I was fascinated to discover just how much Spain has influenced Philippine laws. Today, many of the countries’ legal concepts are quite similar, if not identical. For example, as a law student, I had become familiar with terms like mutuum and commodatum, but it wasn’t until this master that I learned they are still used in other Roman law-based jurisdictions.

On a personal note, it was a challenge to live so far away from home (at least a 16-hour journey) and in a country where I could barely understand the language. However, I’ve learned to embrace the unknown and to be comfortable with change. I’d also like to think that I’ve become an expert in networking—and of course, friendlier!

Do you have any thoughts on IE Law School in general?

IE gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected legal experts in Spain, Latin America and the United Kingdom. It also allowed me to grow my network to include legal from jurisdictions I can only dream about visiting one day. IE Law School provided me with a truly holistic experience for professional and personal growth. To say that I’ve learned a lot would be an understatement!

Tell us about your current job and how the master has helped you face challenges.

Since pursuing my LL.M. in International Business Law, I have become more interested in engaging in the operational aspects of businesses. The master gave me the confidence to get involved in both the legal and commercial side of transactions. As a result, I feel that my legal approach is more comprehensive and that I can provide better advice. Thanks to the program, I am also more adaptable and open to new perspectives.

What’s the best way for prospective LL.M. students to adjust and then strengthen themselves throughout the master?

Whether you’re talking about a prospective LL.M. student or an experienced lawyer, I believe in the value of having a growth mindset. This means understanding that mistakes are not failures, but opportunities to grow.

In the program, you will meet new people and have new experiences. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover your own strengths and weaknesses, and to learn from your peers to become a better team player. Don’t be afraid to fail, learn and grow!

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