“I believe that nothing in life comes easily and it’s important to work hard to chase your dreams.”

Daniela Sofia, Mexico

Executive LL.M.

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Daniela Sofia Garza

About me

I was born in Mexico but lived in England and the United States throughout my childhood. This exposed me to different cultures and helped me learn English and Spanish as a native speaker. I would describe myself as passionate and hardworking. My experience in the Executive LL.M. is a result of the hard work I’ve done; I believe that nothing in life comes easily and it’s important to work hard to chase your dreams.

Daniela Sofia Garza, Mexico


Master’s student
Corporate lawyer at Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C.

Program studied

Executive LL.M.

What are your passions and career aspirations?

I’m passionate about growth. My biggest aspirations are to keep growing in my professional and personal life, to achieve my educational goals and to help society grow with what I can contribute.


What led you to choose the Executive LL.M.?

I decided to complete this program because it’s a perfect balance. It provides you with knowledge of business and law, all while giving you the best of two incredible law schools: IE Law School and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.


Daniela Sofia Garza - Student Story | IE Law School

What have been the highlights of your experience at IE Law School?

For me, the most important part of the Executive LL.M. has been the people involved. This includes my classmates, faculty and everyone that has made this possible. Each person in this program has contributed to the learning and growth experience in an amazing way. I admire everyone I’ve met.


You are part of a very diverse class with classmates from all over the world. Are there cultural differences in your approach to law? If so, how do those differences enrich the learning experience?

There are many differences between classmates, which only makes this program more educational. Despite our cultural differences, we have all helped each other grow, learn and teach each other everything we know.


How is your professional experience at Basham, Ringe y Correa, S.C.? What do you like most about your career?

My experience is mainly in corporate law, and my team’s main focus is on implementing investment and business in Mexico. It has been amazing to be able to learn what this entails and to be able to participate in transactions for our clients.


What are the biggest challenges that professionals in your sector face?

I believe that women in general face additional challenges to succeed in law. Luckily, I’ve been surrounded by people in my professional career who are looking to push women forward, which has made a great impact.


After several years of professional experience, what was it like to go back to school?

It was definitely challenging to go back to school, especially with ongoing professional commitments. Yet this also reminded me of the amazing things that come when you continue to learn and educate yourself.


What do you think your professional career will look like after completing the Executive LL.M.?

I’m hoping that this Executive LL.M. will allow me to have a more global legal perspective and that this will be reflected in future global transactions and work in which I’m involved.


What is a lesson that you have learned in the Executive LL.M. that you apply to your professional life today?

I’ve learned that there’s always more to learn and that the people around you have different perspectives to offer. This will always help you expand your own if you’re open to it.


What are your plans after the Executive LL.M.?

My plans are to continue working and developing my legal career with the additional knowledge that I’ve acquired in a global environment.

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