“The major challenges for transnational lawyers are to become familiar with new jurisdictions, and to be able to break the barriers of local law"

David, Ecuador

Master in Transnational Business Law

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David Reinoso

About me

Before pursuing this degree, David already knew that the Master in Transnational Business Law would give him the necessary training and networking opportunities to internationalize his own office, CAPEX Consultores Jurídicos.

Today, the office that David founded is a global brand with international reach, counting on support from his former classmate in the master’s program and current partner in Spain, Antonio Camacho Núñez.

David Reinoso, Ecuador


Master's Student

David points out that, thanks to the master’s degree and his legal training from a comparative perspective, he had the opportunity to access new clients and create close professional relationships through contacts with Spanish offices seeking to bring their national operations to the international arena. “At CAPEX, I represent Spanish companies in Ecuador. At the same time, I help Ecuadorian companies internationalize their projects in Spain,” explains David. In this interview, he tells us how his experience at IE was just the beginning of this ambitious endeavor.


What was the most valuable thing you learned in this master’s program, and what lessons do you apply to your professional life today?

The importance of relationships and networking as a fundamental tool for personal and professional growth. I also learned new managerial, legal, and technological skills. Above all, I learned that today professional practice isn’t confined to a specific area; it’s far more international than we believe it to be.


What stands out from your experience (both professional and personal) at IE Law School?  Are there any stories you’d like to share?

IE Law School is a reflection of the real professional world, where we have limited time and resources to address several issues, but we always do the best we can. Something that really stands out is the fact that we have contact with the best Spanish and international lawyers, who also happen to be our instructors. Having access to these brilliant minds in the Spanish legal sphere is particularly beneficial and rewarding, since they’re the ones who are dealing with the current trends in legal practice.

From a personal point of view, IE Law School was a great challenge; it pushed us to our limits, from the preparation of cases and teamwork to the pressure of managing time and priorities.


What are your professional goals?

My goals are essentially to grow as an office and, above all, to become a regional point of reference (in Latin America) for investment coming from Europe, and vice versa.

In addition, given the current climate, my goal is to become a regional leader in legal matters and new technologies, as well as consultation for family businesses and startups.


From your perspective and with your transnational experience, what would you say are the most relevant challenges for future lawyers and for the future of the profession?

The major challenges for transnational lawyers are to become familiar with new jurisdictions, and to be able to break the barriers of local law in order to implement new legal advancements related to social progress. On the other hand, another big challenge for lawyers is to go beyond structured legal training and start to understand other essential aspects of the profession, such as information technology, finance, human resources, marketing, and sociology, among others.


What excites you most about your profession?

What excites me most is being able to help local companies and entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, particularly when they decide to leave the local market behind and step into international markets.


What are your hobbies?

I’m currently studying photography, as a way to complement my career with an artistic element. I also love running; right now I’m training to run a marathon.


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