“The opportunity to work at a top tier law firm in one of the most prestigious compliance departments is an exciting challenge that I feel prepared for thanks to this program.”

Diego, Colombia

Diego Padilla

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Diego Padilla

About me

I am a Colombian lawyer with over 10 years of professional experience in various roles and contexts, including positions in the financial sector and in a boutique law firm. Most recently, I have been working as a legal counsel for a textile manufacturing company with global suppliers and clients. I truly believe that the rules that guide a company’s activities are just as relevant as the culture of the people following those rules, further creating a need for compliance. The Master in Global Corporate Compliance offered me the tools necessary to develop and apply compliance concepts into my legal practice.

My motto is: never stop being curious and never stop learning. When I’m not working, I enjoy taking long bike rides to appreciate nature and the changing landscapes—it helps me slow down my fast-paced life and clear my mind.

Diego Padilla, Colombia


Master's Student

How do you feel about earning the Eversheds Sutherland Nicea internship from the Master in Global Corporate Compliance?

When I was awarded this internship, I felt like I was being rewarded for all of my hard work throughout the year. It came as a pleasant surprise, especially because I completed the program alongside a lot of hard-working professionals who drove me to apply myself fully and helped me improve personally and professionally. The opportunity to work at a top-tier law firm in one of the most prestigious compliance departments is an exciting challenge that I feel prepared for thanks to this program.

What would you highlight about the Master in Global Corporate Compliance? What are the key takeaways of the program?

I enjoyed the entire experience in the Master in Global Corporate Compliance, especially as it allowed me to progress in my professional career. The things I learned, shared and enjoyed while studying will continue to impact the way in which I work as a professional.

The key takeaways for me would be the structure of the program, the professors, my colleagues and IE University as a whole. The program is designed in a way that teaches the compliance knowledge necessary for today’s working world through practical exercises that prepare students with problem-solving skills. Using their relevant experience in a variety of compliance fields, the professors offer a global viewpoint and effective methods to implement ideas in corporations. My colleagues were incredibly helpful and the experience of sharing the classroom with participants from all over the world allowed me to open my mind to diverse approaches. Also, I am incredibly proud to be an IE University alumni. Apart from choosing IE University for their academic excellence, I knew I would be able to meet remarkable people from across the globe.

Why did you decide to begin a career in corporate compliance? What does the profession mean to you?

Before studying at IE University, I was part of a team that designed and implemented a 360-degree compliance program for our company. Through this, I came to understand how important it is for businesses to approach, adopt and utilize compliance matters, as they will most likely impact the way clients and other stakeholders perceive their company and its ethics. I see corporate compliance as doing business the right way—setting ethical standards and increasing income based on a commitment to society.

How do you think compliance can impact businesses and society?

We have witnessed a major change in the way consumers approach goods and services. Due to accelerated flow and almost limitless access to information, consumers seek companies with high ethical standards. Compliance will not only impact business, but will also help shape society by supporting the message that doing the right thing will always pay off.

Where did the Master lead you and where do you think it will take you in the future?

The Master in Global Corporate Compliance put me in a position to continue increasing my knowledge and skills in compliance. It also gave me the opportunity to work with companies from different sectors in order to help them implement and improve their compliance programs to achieve better business standards.

Looking to the future, it will help me secure my goal to become a leading voice in compliance for my country. It will also help me improve business standards, in turn helping companies from my region compete in our globalized world.

How did the Master alter your perspective on business and law or the sector you work in?

It has broadened my approach to involving legal and compliance roles in a corporation. Instead of only providing support to specific areas, compliance functions need to be embedded in every activity. Ideally, the company shouldn’t feel forced to comply with laws and regulations. The Master taught me how to help inform companies that adopting and applying ethical standards will create better working environments and allow them to develop a positive reputation.

Eversheds Sutherland Nicea houses one of the most prestigious Corporate Compliance departments in the Spanish legal market. What do you think you can contribute while interning there?

My experience in different roles and sectors will allow me to contribute an opinion based on a business mindset, as an advisor and as a public official. My background will help the team look at the regulatory and cultural concerns regarding the design, implementation and improvement of compliance programs in Latin American countries.

María Hernández, partner at ESN, is well known for her innovative client program. Do you think corporate compliance will transform our approach to practicing in the short future?

I believe that compliance has already transformed the practice of law and its applicable methods in a business context. Lawyers should be closely involved in their clients’ businesses in order to anticipate legal and compliance risks while recognizing the purpose of the business and developing reliable relationships to improve effectiveness of any legal advice given.

 Having finished the Master, is there anything you would do differently if you were just starting out?

I would definitely try to convince some of my friends and colleagues from Colombia to come and study with me. Compliance is the next step for improving corporations’ legal advice and the skills I gained from the Master in Global Corporate Compliance have already given me professional opportunities I would not have otherwise received.

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